muscle memory work

i am a smoker and according to the barrage of health reports out there, i am supposed to die a premature death. in singapore, life expectancy for male is about 78. i am expected to die by 50. muscle memory work is created to keep track of the books i have read. imagine 1 book a day. i am 24 expecting to die by 50. (50-24)x 365 = 9490 is the maximum number of books i get to read in my lifetime.

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The Brand New Bangla

Date: 15 September 2011
Caption: Jonny sawing his ass off

Ever thought about landing a new job, one that doesn't make you face the computer screen for a whole day? We got our hands dirty on track building this very day. Electric saws, power drills, the imminent dangers (remember SAW 3D?) put us instantly more awake than our Macbooks!

"In heaven, all the interesting people are missing"

Book Title: The Great Philosophers
Author: Stephen Law

Christian values need to come from somewhere. And if you think the Bible is your answer to the origins, you could be seriously wrong.

Freedom in life?

Book Title:
A Beginner's Guide to Philosophy
Dominique Janicaud

When you were younger, did you think that freedom was all about reducing restrictions till a point of non-existence? To do what you felt like doing, without objections from your parents, your God, your tutors, your conservative old grandmother and her mother…